Pyote Army Air Base ... front gate area Pyote Front Gate Pyote AAF ... early days B-29 Superfortresses parked on apron at Pyote Pyote Flightline, 1943 or 1944 Control Tower Pyote Hanger Pyote aerial view Rattlesnake sign ... Beware! Thanksgiving dinner at Pyote Terrain around Pyote ... as seen from a B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 Flying Fortresses from Pyote, in flight ... note the PY on the tails Pyote overhead, 1st half 1944 Aerial view of Pyote AAF May, 1943 Pyote Officer's Club dance Pyote Officer's Club ... Mural Gunnery Range from a distance Gunnery Range up-close Filming the movie "The Story of Dr. Wassell" at Pyote Enola Gay Enola Gay in storage at Pyote after World War II Ceremony at Pyote, with celestial navigation towers in background Map showing distance from Pyote to other airfields in Texas Bomb range Bomb targets Both targets north of Pyote, as seen in this aerial photo from 1980s or 90s Base flightline from the air B-29 Superfortress at Pyote, with men on the ground, and on the wings Swoose at Pyote Swoose in storage in Pyote XB-42 Mixmaster at Pyote Airplane reclamation ... the end of Pyote phase-out, October 20, 1953 The Rattlesnake Bomber Base Museum in Monahans, Texas
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