Airplane Boneyard at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland

Aircraft & Helicopter Storage Area

The Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is a U.S. Army base located in eastern Maryland engaged in weapons and munitions testing, evaluation, research, development, engineering, and training. The history of the facility dates to 1917, and today spans 113 square miles.

Over the years, a number of aircraft and helicopters used in airframe testing have been stored at the base, including helicopters, B-29s, X-19, C-54, C-130 and A-7s. Once planes are finished their testing assignment, they are either scrapped or transferred to an aviation museum.

No public access to the APG storage area is permitted, as it is on a U.S. military installation. As always, we highly recommend obeying all warning signs and avoiding restricted areas.

The largest boneyard in the world, used solely for military aircraft, is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base AMARG facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Partial List of B-29s Saved from the Aberdeen Proving Ground

Many of the B-29 Superfortresses restored and on display today were saved from China Lake, California and the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, two of the final storage locations for Superfortresses. Many in storage were destined for target practice. Among those rescued from Aberdeen:

  • B-29A-55-BN "Jack's Hack", S/N 44-61975, now on display at the New England Air Museum
  • B-29 "Big Red" S/N 44-84053 moved in 1983 to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB, Georgia (formerly known as "Bonnie Lee")
  • B-29 "Tinker's Heritage", S/N 44-27343 on display at the Charles B. Hall Airpark at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City
  • B-29A-40-BN "The Great Artiste", S/N 44-61671, gatekeeper at Whiteman AFB, Missouri
  • B-29-80-BW "Sweet Eloise", S/N 44-70113, on display at the main gate of Dobbins ARB, Georgia
  • B-29 S/N 44-87627 at the Global Power Museum at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana

For More Information about APG

U.S. Army Garrison Public Affairs Office
Building 305, West Wing
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5001
Phone: 410-278-1147, DSN: 298-1147
Web Aberdeen Proving Ground Official Website

Aerial View of Aircraft & Helicopter Storage at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Aerial view of the aircraft and helicopter boneyard at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland
Aerial view of the aircraft and helicopter boneyard at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland

Interactive Map of the Aberdeen Proving Ground Area

Map of locations of active and post-WWII airplane boneyards and plane storage facilities in the United States

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